Day 26 in Nigeria

Thursday ended up being a fairly light day, and many of us are beginning to pack and do any last minute shopping.  A few of the more ambitious teams are still working to give every last minute of value that they feel they can provide… as for me, I’m happily relaxing in my hotel room and enjoying the downtime.  I still have a few open items and commitments to keep but the majority of them can be accomplished more easily via e-mail, especially once we have more consistent access to it.

Thursday evening, the entire team (except for Glyn and Pradip who were being taken out by their client) gathered at a nice Lebanese restaurant which we had visited earlier during our stay.  We had a nice meal and a great visit relaxing and talking since most of us have already finished our work and are beginning to decompress.  Looking forward to spending more time with the team on Friday and then people begin to fly out Friday evening.

#ibmcsc Nigeria

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