Day 24 in Nigeria

Today we presented our final presentation to Dr. Ogbe, one of our sponsors at the NPHCDA.  He made a few suggestions for tweaks and we will be presenting it to the Executive Director tomorrow… wish us luck!  Most of the suggestions we have where things could be improved within the agency would have long-lasting financial impact to keep things going in the right direction.  I haven’t really felt that there is some “silver bullet” that will solve all of the issues but we are really trying to be as creative as we can.  However, since the organization has been thinking about how to overcome their issues for some time, and they already have input from WHO, UNICEF, etc.  there isn’t a whole lot we can come up which they haven’t already thought of.

It is even more expensive than in my home country to have a reliable infrastructure, network, servers, connectivity, etc. since you really cannot depend on the power grid or the internet, and the budgets seem to be more constrained as well.

In other news, our media event for Friday has been cancelled, and due to some safety concerns at the hotel, some of us are trying to get flights a day earlier than previously planned.  There are actually a variety of concerns with the hotel that we have tried to make light of and considered it part of the experience, but there are limits… such as when someone is awakened by poisonous gas (chemical pesticide fumigation) being pulled into their room by the AC unit when the hotel decides to fumigate right outside their rooms during the night while they are sleeping…. and when they go to the front desk out of concern over the situation, they are offered an air freshener! Everyone is safe, but that could very easily have turned into a much more tragic situation.

The rest of the week should be fairly boring, but I will try to think of things to share!

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