Day 23 in Nigeria

The Hole in the Wall

Very near the front gate of our hotel is this small window in a wall.  Inside this window, you can buy just about anything.  These little “Hole in the Wall” places are all over the city if you look closely.  If you need a Coke, or a snack, you can usually find something here that suits your tastes.  Here is Glyn and Ke Xing posing in front of our local “Hole in the Wall”.

Another interesting topic which I haven’t really covered is all of the vehicles that you see on the roads.  Unlike some other countries, cars are not shared by entire families, it seems that many people have their own vehicles, and other than the Peogots and Mercedes, the majority of them seem to be imported from the United States.  If you look closely, you can easily find remnants of stickers and decals from American universities or car dealerships.  In addition, just about every vehicle has some sort of religious decal or wording somewhere on the back.

Another surprising thing, at least for me, is how many iPads and smart phones I have seen, as I would not have expected them to be so prevalent.  Mine has proven very useful here but the internet seems to come in waves here… you never know how much you are going to get or for how long, so when you get it, you try to accomplish as much as you can.

Today we are wrapping up our final presentation with the expectation of presenting our findings to our client on Wednesday.  Wish us luck that our recommendations will be well received!

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