Day 22 in Nigeria

We had a pretty relaxing, understated day today, although there was very limited access

Selection of crafts from the Arts and Crafts Village

to the internet (our gateway back home to our loved ones).  Glyn, Ke Xing and myself headed out to the Sheraton for lunch and since we were so close, we walked across the street to the Arts & Crafts village one last time.

For those who usually get a post card from me when I travel to a new country, I’m sorry to say that you will be disappointed.  In our entire month in Nigeria, I have yet to see a single post card, or even a post office for that matter, although I’m told that the post office does exist.  I know they have DHL at least, as you see little motorcycles running around with yellow boxes bolted on the back of them (which look like they would hold about one package).

I’ve also been looking for any sort of sticker which says “Nigeria” on it.  Glyn found a wood carving at the craft village that was in the shape of Nigeria, but I believe he settled for one in the shape of Africa instead because not that many people where we are from would recognize the shape of Nigeria.  I might make one last attempt this week to look for that kind of stuff, or even on Saturday since my flight doesn’t leave until 10:45pm.  Even a Nigerian soccer jersey would at least say “Nigeria” on it.  The ones we have seen so far do not look like they would last through more than a couple of washes so we haven’t bought any yet.

I went to bed my earliest ever since I have been here (8pm), but I’m expecting a very busy final week so might as well take it while I can get it.

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