Virtualization configuration notes using an Asus M5A 78L-M LX Motherboard

This post will be updated as new items are discovered.

General notes: There is only one switch that needs to be turned on in the bios to enable hardware virtualization

Microsoft Hyper-V:

  • The NIC drivers from ASUS will seem to work, however the server will not be stable.  If you obtain the NIC drivers from the realtek website, this will save you some time.  This applies to Hyper-V running on Windows Server 2008 R2 as well as the free Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor.
  • There is an MS patch which will not show up automatically through liveupdate which needs to be installed before Hyper-V will allow you to start virtual machines.

VMware ESXi 5.0:

  • I was having random connectivity issues, tried several different switches and cables, and eventually determined it was an ACPI setting in the BIOS.  The vSphere Client was constantly disconnecting after only being connected for a few seconds.  After changing the ACPI setting, it now seems much more stable.
  • Load default values
  • Set boot order for CD ROM
  • set SATA to AHCI (Except CDROM)
  • Enable Secure Virtual Machine Mode

Citrix XenServer 5: No issues, however I didn’t spent too much time playing with it.