IBM Corporate Service Corps

Well, I just have to share something positive!  I applied for the IBM Corporate Service Corps program almost a year ago, and was accepted into the waiting list for 2010.  I was expecting to have to apply again for the year 2011, but instead, I find that I have already been assigned a team!  I will be on Nigeria Team 5, which basically means that this is the 5th IBM team that has been to Nigeria since the program started in July 2008.  I will be spending 4 weeks in Nigeria beginning sometime in June of this year.  I’m hoping that being involved in this important charity work will re-invigorate me regarding my regular day-to-day job when I return .  If you would like to know more about the IBM Corporate Service Corps, please go here:

I’ve pasted a brief excerpt of what the program is for those too lazy to click on a link:

How does a company develop leaders who have the skills needed for a globally integrated, smarter planet?  

IBM’s answer: the Corporate Service Corps. The Corporate Service Corps (CSC) exposes high performance IBM employees to the 21st century context for doing business — emerging markets, global teaming, diverse cultures, working outside the traditional office, and increased societal expectations for more responsible and sustainable business practices. CSC participants perform community-driven economic development projects in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America, working at the intersection of business, technology and society.

Once the project gets underway, we will have a team blog as well as personal blogs on the IBM website listed above so you can keep up with our progress! (testing existing uncategorized post to see if it is picked up by the #ibmcsc social media aggregator)